Protect your data with the 3-2-1 rule

The golden rule for backing up your data

Data is crucial for a company, it’s important to safeguard it. Whether financial, accounting, commercial, technical, IT, personal … there is a golden rule that allows them to be protected and to effectively counter all human, technical and / or natural failures: the 3-2-1 principle.

Any good administrator of an IT environment should know and apply this rule:

  • Have at least 3 copies of your data
  • Store them on 2 different media
  • Keep at least 1 copy outside your site, in a service cloud provider

3-2-1 backup

Have at least 3 copies of the same file …

Your digital data must follow the following organization: 1 version used daily, and 2 backuped versions. Why 2 backup ? Because a backup space can unfortunately have the same problem as the original storage space.

There may also be a failure in updating, so it is important to be very responsive so as not to cause an incident yourself because of a backup that is not carried out in good time operational. Another element not to be overlooked: the regularity of backups. They have to follow a frequency and stick to it. Do not wait 15 days or 3 weeks, prefer a recording at least daily.

… On 2 different supports

There is no point in having 2, 3 or 4 backups if they are stored in 1 single place because if one encounters a problem, the others will also be impacted. And in this case everything will be lost or damaged.

Ideally, this second space is located outside the device (computer, pc, tablet …) that you use daily, to avoid any hacking or technical problem. Think of the external device and / or the cloud.

And 1 “off-site” backup!

Finally, to limit the risks even more, store one of your backups outside your site of activity. And here, we are thinking in particular of the Cloud, which will be accessible anywhere, using a username and password.

Strengthen backup, ensure business continuity

By increasing the backup points you protect your data against cyber attacks, human errors or even technical incidents.
If one copy is damaged, the others will not necessarily be damaged, so you can recover your data and resume your activity quickly, without loss of information.
Theavailability is immediate and complete, you find your files without any risk.
Choosing to outsource the backup of your files, documents or other elements in a datacenter guarantees the sustainability of your business.

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